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New Dolibarr Partner LATAM in the US (TEXAS)

Article is taken from Dolibarr.es site.

We welcome Unbox ERP, our new Official partner in Latin America, right from the United States (Texas). Unbox ERP has demonstrated enough knowledge and skills to be able to offer technical services in the US. Unbox ERP leaped to the Dolibarr Ecosystem. This is the first partner that does not belong geographically to Latin America, but due to its proximity and a large number of Spanish-speaking inhabitants, it has been approved by the international association of Dolibarr.

“At Unbox ERP we provide the best customer relationship management solutions through our accessible SAAS services such as subscription and consulting services.

We focus on helping clients grow their businesses by offering training and support of our application tools.

Now, being an official partner of Dolibarr, we are prepared to provide a better service through the opensource Dolibarr.

Unbox ERP offers services such as:

  • Express ERP.
  • Consulting
  • Support.
  • Training.

We feel completely the support of Dolibarr Foundation to offer Dolibarr ERP / CRM to our clients in our community of the United States.

We´re confident in the software and in our partner, that we can work with any project.

We are excited to be part of a community as large as Dolibarr.

We know that we can work with our fellow developers, to continue making from Dolibarr the best opensource ERP / CRM solution.”

Unbox ERP team


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